Building a publication landing page

Please note, an ISBN is not required for HTML publications according to the Victorian Government Library Service.

There are 2 ways to start creating a publication landing page:

  1. From your dashboard page, select '+ Add content'. Then choose 'Publication' from the next page.
  2. Go to the 'Content' tab, select 'Add content', then 'Publication'.

Complete the following fields as needed (items marked with an asterisk are mandatory).

Header tab

Complete the following fields if needed (items marked with an asterisk are mandatory):


Title of your publication.


This is a short description of the publication and is picked up within search engines.

Introduction text

Brief summary that appears under the page title. Keep it short.

Feature images don't display on the page you're creating. They display on featured cards or navigation links to the page. They must be 496px high x 818px wide.

License Type

Select from Copyright (if the publication cannot be shared or used in other work) or Creative Commons (if the publication can be shared or used in other work).

Date of publication

Date the publication was released (it only displays month and year on live page).

Publication author

Department or branch that owns the publication; you can add more than 1 author.

Page content section

For instructions on using these content components, visit our Body text components page.

Customised header tab

Header style* allows you to select between two options.

Default appearance

Display the publication title and introduction text.

Full-width background image

Display a hero image as well as the publication title and introduction text. Follow our hero image instructions.

For instructions on using the sidebar, visit our sidebar components page.

Save your work

Click 'Save' once you're happy with your latest draft.