TAFE: better than ever

The Government has TAFE as the core of the vocational education sector and a key agent for delivery of vocational education in schools, for targeted higher education and as the key channel to build export opportunities through skills.

The OTCD is increasing collaboration across the TAFE Network and harnessing the potential for excellence in vocational learning aimed at future skills.

There are opportunities to strengthen the impact of the TAFE Network. The power of an education institution serving local industry and community that can offer a full range of pathways and support should not be discounted. The range of offerings and services within one setting can help those uncertain about their learning journey to explore options in one place.

TAFEs are central to the vocational education system and play a key role in delivering vocational education to school students, as well as international and higher education.

Along with outstanding facilities and capabilities, TAFEs have industry experts who understand education design and teaching practice. Their connections with industry, both locally and globally, make them experts in analysing leading industry practices and emerging skills.

The new model of collaboration facilitated through the VSA also provides new channels for industry to partner with the OTCD and TAFEs to bring emerging skills to life.

The international networks built by TAFEs over many years also provide a rich source of information about trends in skills development and the basis of people-to-people connections through to diplomacy links. It means TAFEs are ideally placed to extend education and training exports and skill up workforces in countries in the Asia Pacific region, especially as they adapt to net-zero emissions.

“My teachers made clear efforts to recognise the individual needs of students and encouraged us to communicate with them from the very beginning of the course.”
– Samantha Daly, graduate of dual Certificate IV in Mental Health and Mental Health Peer Work at Swinburne University of Technology