The Vocational Education and Training system has been rebuilt, with stronger foundations

Victoria – the Education State – recognises that its economic success and the prosperity of all Victorians is built on the skills, knowledge and expertise of its people. This is developed across the skills sector.

The government is committed to providing world-class skills and training that meets the needs of Victoria’s employers, industries and communities.

Through targeted investment to meet immediate industry and community needs, the government set about stabilising the skills sector, restoring confidence in the TAFE system, improving quality, and establishing a framework to address current and future skills shortages and workforce training needs.

In 2015, the Victorian Government invested in TAFEs heavily through a range of initiatives including the $320 million TAFE Rescue Fund, the TAFE Quality Blitz, the $50 million TAFE Back to Work Fund, a $50 million TAFE Boost fund and a $16 million investment in Skills and Jobs Centres.

The 2017 Skills First reforms brought a new approach to training, setting benchmarks for quality and supporting courses that most likely lead to employment.

Since then, a raft of initiatives including Free TAFE, Head Start and the Reconnect Program have helped strengthen pathways into vocational education and equip Victorians with the skills they need for a great career and life.

Across 2020 and 2021, a new skills architecture was established with the creation of Apprenticeships Victoria; the Office of TAFE Coordination and Delivery (OTCD); the Victorian Skills Authority (VSA) and a new division in the Department of Education focused on Adult, Community and Further Education (ACFE).

Victorian Skills System: the vision

To deliver a quality skills system, aligning training to employer and social needs, collaborating with industry and underpinned by a strong TAFE Network that delivers on government priorities, providing pathways to training, jobs and rewarding careers for all Victorians.