Becoming a JP at 21 years old

Sunday, 10 September 2023 at 11:04 pm

Despite his busy schedule, Baris Duzova is enjoying his juggling act, performing his duties as a justice of the peace (JP) in Melbourne’s north.

The 21-year-old has a busy, but fulfilling schedule, both working in the public sector and volunteering as a JP after recently graduating from Melbourne University with a major in politics and international studies.

It was his desire to give back to the community which motivated him to become a JP in the first place. His experience has now taught him the value of having a JP in his community who can assist someone in need.

“I speak Turkish fluently, this greatly influenced my decision to become a JP as I saw there was a need for more JPs within both my local community and the Turkish-Australian community,” Mr Duzova said.

“After becoming a JP, I have been contacted by many people from my community needing a JP that speaks their language and can easily communicate with them, making the process much easier for everyone involved.

“I love being able to assist people with important stages of their lives especially with the most joyful of occasions such as births or marriages.”

At 21, Mr Duzova feels proud of being a JP and recommends all his peers consider becoming one. He adds that one of the best aspects is the flexibility.

“Being a younger JP did make me nervous at the start of the process, but I now see the advantage in that I have a pool of more experienced fellow JPs that I can look to for assistance or guidance when needed,” he added.

“Becoming a JP might not be something that would cross a lot of people’s minds but even though I have been in this role for only a few months I would recommend that they consider it as an option. 

“It is such a rewarding role and is a role that can be tailored to be fit everyone’s lifestyle.”