Yarn Strong Sista Aboriginal Support Packages

Yarn Strong Sista, a Victorian Indigenous education consultancy, offers tailored cross-cultural programs, storytelling workshops, and resources for early childhood educators.

Program detail

  • Priority area: Access and inclusion
  • Primary audience: Educators, children
  • Delivery mode: Resources (books, kits, manuals), consultancy
  • Strength of evidence: Level 6 - Supported by expert opinion
  • AEDC sub-domains: Not applicable
  • Item cost: Variable

Program description

Yarn Strong Sista (YSS) is a Victorian Indigenous education consultancy service. Its services include tailored cross-cultural (Aboriginal) awareness programs for early childhood, storytelling and arts workshops with children (at kindergarten services) and professional development training for educators. It also provides First Nations-designed resources and educational tools.


Supporting Education through the COVID19 health crisis

YSS has explored new ways to re-purpose existing programs to create rich learning experiences through these challenging times. Due to COVID-19 YSS will be delivering these adapted programs:

  • Professional Learning Workshops and Mentoring via Zoom
  • Mentoring via Zoom, Skype, telephone conference
  • Aboriginal Storytelling via Zoom
  • Exchange the Aboriginal Storytelling workshops for Bush Tucker Mural Set
  • Exchange for Aboriginal Storytelling workshops to Aboriginal and Anti - Bias Resources.

The Yarn Strong Sista anti-bias curriculum provides resources to reflect the following:

  • Inclusion
  • Additional Needs
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Dual Language
  • Multicultural
  • Family Diversity.

Detailed costs

A variety of resources and supports are available. Please contact the Menu provider for a personalised quote.

Implementation considerations

  • Target population: children, families and educators in kindergarten settings who require support in the area of cultural awareness and inclusion.
  • Factors to consider: services will need to ensure that cultural supports are appropriate to the local area and community. Supports must be provided in accordance with the VEYLDF.
  • Staffing: services should consider the cost of backfill when determining the cost of accessing training.

VEYLDF alignment

Item uses these practice principles

  • Reflective practice
  • Partnerships with families
  • High expectations for every child
  • Respectful relationships and responsive engagement
  • Equity and diversity
  • Assessment for learning and development
  • Integrated teaching and learning approaches
  • Partnerships with professionals.

Item responds to these sub-outcomes

Not applicable.