Appendix B: FRV Q4 Progress Update

In Q4, FRV report on both quarterly and annual results, including the annual results from the previous financial year (FY 2021-22) for some indicators.

FRV categorises Year Two Outcomes Framework[1] measures into three domains: Prevention and Preparedness; Response and Recovery; and Organisational Excellence. FRV began reporting outcomes performance for the FY2022-23 in Q4.

Due to the cyber-attack on FRV IT systems, FRV’s ability to report this quarter is limited to 22 (36 measures) of its 26 indicators. The reported results for each measure are compared to the results for FY 2021-22, providing an update on FRV’s performance and progress toward achieving the outcomes in each domain. Year-on-year (YoY) status have been included (where available) for each measure to compare performance on an annual basis.

FRV does not report a baseline or target for its indicators and measures and does not qualify results as “on track” or “meeting baseline”.

Data is available from page 30 in the report document.