Ann Smith

Leading Through Disaster

Ann is a strategic leader who combines an innovative approach with a people-focused leadership style. Extensive experience as a leader in private industry and the Australian public service has developed Ann’s skills and knowledge in setting and delivering strategic goals. Her leadership roles have been based in highly political environments which at times were dealing with immediate health care crises. 

As head of the Victorian Aged Care Response Centre, Ann championed policy development and worked with the Government and Victorian partners to ensure the rights and needs of those in residential aged care are met. Ann established the Prevention Outbreak Plan Improvement Program, developed a phone line to assist staff in understanding policy changes, deployed surge workforce and linked facilities with key government support. Ann has worked hard to ensure that residents and their families are at the forefront of policy and operational decision making.

Ann has dedicated her life to improving the conditions of Victorians through her work in nursing, education, leading hospitals, and holding senior executive positions in government departments.