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What is the Jobs and Skills Exchange?

The Jobs and Skills Exchange (JSE) is a Victorian Government initiative established to provide Victorian Public Service (VPS) employees with priority access to all job opportunities across the VPS. This includes the following roles:

  • Executive Officer
  • Ongoing
  • Fixed-term (including short-term roles)
  • Casual
  • Seasonal
  • Secondments

The policy aims to enhance workforce mobility, skills development and career opportunities, whilst reducing expenditure on labour hire and professional services. Key to the JSE offering is a centralised jobs platform, ensuring all VPS employees have exclusive access to job vacancies and skill development opportunities.

This is an unprecedented opportunity. Think about the skills you’d like to develop and the challenges you’d like to undertake. You can now take your aspirations with you across departments and public service organisations to build a varied and rewarding career.

Championing workforce mobility

The JSE platform allows staff movement across departments, agencies and organisations within the VPS. Curious about how you could add value to Victorian health policy? Want to contribute to education reform? Interested in contributing to the operations of our judicial services? Now you can!

Identify your skills and strengths and see where they can take you – anywhere in the VPS.

Transforming recruitment in the VPS

The JSE policy is designed with VPS employees in mind, and has made some key changes to the way we approach recruitment in the VPS. As well as breaking open access to career opportunities, managers are being actively encouraged to recognise and identify a candidate’s potential to fulfil a role. So next time you're wondering if you should apply for a role, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I meet at least 70% of the requirements of that role?
  • Can I demonstrate growth potential for the other 30% of the key selection criteria?

If the answers to these question are yes, then it could be your time to apply! We want all staff to be supported to develop in their careers, and recognising potential to grow in a role is critical to this.

There's more to come

This is just the beginning of the exciting services the JSE will offer VPS employees. Stay tuned for future offerings, which will include:

Candidate profiles: Each JSE member will be able to complete an online profile, outlining their skills, experience, qualifications and career aspirations – both to assist with tailored job alerts and to increase their ability to be found by hiring managers (if desired).

Talent pools: Create a pool of permanent public service staff, not tied to a particular role or department, to fill temporary vacancies or labour needs.

Micro-credentialing: Introducing certification style qualifications that individuals choose to study to improve a skill found in a particular industry area. These will most likely be in the form of short, online courses that provide learners with a digital certification or a 'digital badge' when complete.

Policy expansion: At the moment, the JSE encompasses all staff in the public service. In 2020, this recruitment initiative will extend to the public sector, taking in over 300,000 staff.

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Reviewed 25 November 2019

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