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Victorian Data Partnerships

Collaborating with research and industry partners to unlock public value from data.

The Victorian Centre for Data Insights is a centre of excellence for data analytics. We are building a network of organisations to solve common problems for Victoria. We partner with public, private and research organisations on data analytics projects.

Partnerships across sectors can unlock new forms of public value. Collaboration can enhance access to data and capability for all partners.

Partnerships can inform better policy, service design, and program delivery. They can also stimulate new economic activity in Victoria.

We are looking for partnership opportunities that:

  • Have a clear public benefit
  • Help government access new capabilities or data
  • Manage all legal, ethical, privacy and human rights concerns
  • Have no negative social, environmental or economic impacts

Partner with us

We're seeking potential partners to work with us.

Email to discuss how your organisation can create a data partnership.

Partnerships to date

Victorian data partnerships will build on our record of collaboration.

We have partnered with:

  • Google to tackle climate change, using their Environmental Insights Explorer
  • Uber to access traffic congestion models and tools to support infrastructure investment
  • Melbourne Business School to host Master of Business Analytics interns

Reviewed 30 March 2021

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