Online data resources and community of practice

The Data Analytics and Insights Community of Practice is a great way to build your understanding of data through great resources and discussions.

To help build data literacy and encourage discussions about data, various communities of practice are available across the Victorian public sector. The Innovation Network helps to connect colleagues from across the Victorian public sector on a wide range of topics and areas of interest, providing resources, events, groups and news. Communities of practice are one great way to connect.

The Data Analytics and Insights Community of Practice is one of these communities of practice available through the Innovation Network. This Community of Practice brings together data professionals, policy makers and service designers to share ideas, exchange skills and develop data-driven ways of working together. With over 5000 members and growing, it is one of the most active groups on the Innovation Network.

Members can access:

  • regular data-related events and workshops
  • resources to support their use of data
  • discussion threads to tap into the knowledge of Victorian public sector colleagues.

Visit the Data Analytics and Insights Community of Practice for more information (open to Victorian public servants only).