Next steps

Transforming early childhood education together.

We heard that the Best Start, Best Life reforms will be most successful if they are delivered through ongoing collaborative and trusting partnerships between government, the early childhood education sector, teachers, educators, and families.

Every part of the sector took part in Three-Year-Old Kindergarten delivery, and we need to do it again.

We are committed to working together with all our partners to steward the delivery of the reforms by:

  • continuing to work in partnership with the Best Start, Best Life Taskforce Advisory Group, which is chaired by the Minister for Children and includes senior representatives of stakeholder groups
  • conducting further targeted consultation with the sector at key stages of the rollout
  • providing information about policy and operational settings to the sector and families in relevant rollout areas in a timely manner
  • monitoring implementation of the reforms and adjusting and adapting as needed.

Further information

Information for Early Childhood Education professionals

Information for parents and carers

  • Information on Free Kinder, the Pre-Prep roll-out, Kinder Kits, and translated information, refer to Kinder.
  • Find a kindergarten in your area using Find a Kinder Program.
  • Please contact services or local councils directly to enquire about enrolment and register your interest.
  • The Three-Year-Old Kindergarten Enquiry Line is available Mon to Fri between, 9am to 5pm on 1800 338 663 if you are experiencing difficulties accessing a kindergarten program enrolment for your child. Email:


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