Betty Butcher

Betty Butcher was a cricketer who held many positions in sport, and for 40 years encouraged women and girls to play.

Honour Roll

Betty Butcher lived life like every day was an adventure. And it is a philosophy that her daughter Sue Montesano has adopted. "She lived every moment of her life and had no regrets, and I have tried to live my life like that too," she said.

The late Betty Butcher was born in 1925 and developed an interest in cricket from her father who was an RSL cricketer and a member of the Melbourne Cricket Club. Learning to score before she went to school, Betty started her 50-year passion for cricket playing games with boys living in the street. At 10 she joined her first team. At 20 she was a squad member. And for 40 years she encouraged women and girls to play sport.

Betty held many positions in the cricketing world including Victorian Women's Cricket Association President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. She was the association's delegate to the Australian Women's Cricket Council and received a life membership in 1970. She was also a delegate to, and secretary for, the International Women's Cricket Council. At the time of her death in 1999, Betty was both President of the Association and the Hawthorn Ladies Cricket Club.

Sue said one of her proudest memories of her mother was when she travelled to India as manager of the Australian under-25 women's team. "She met Prime Minister Indira Gandhi who was supportive of the tour and they became friends," Sue said. "When Mrs Gandhi came to Australia, she came to visit mum, but mum was out! The only way she knew she had visited was because the neighbours told her." Sue said her mother was always supportive and involved in her sporting career and the pair played cricket together. "She loved young people and encouraged them to do their best," she said.