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Brunswick tool library video transcript

A video transcript of the Brunswick Tool Library.

[On screen text: Liz Ervin, Volunteer Brunswick Tool Library]

The Brunswick tool Library it's a non-profit volunteer-run organization that functions like a regular Library except it's for tools instead of books.

We own and maintain a wide range of tools from Hammers and chisels through to lawn mowers welding machines sewing machines.

We applied for a grant through the commercial sector Innovation fund this is a Victorian state government initiative to provide funding to businesses to switch to zero emission.

Vehicles being able to make the switch from using higher cars or volunteer cars to any cargo bike has been really great for us.

There are so many benefits to using an e-cargo bike for delivery I think if you're replacing car trips you're reducing congestion there are no sort of noise or air pollution and it's really great for volunteers Health as well it's actually just a lot of fun to be out delivering Tools in a cargo bike.

It's certainly something that people don't expect to see I guess if you're going along the side of the road with a lawnmower in the back expanding the possibilities of what you can do on a bike.

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[On screen text: Victoria State Government - Department of Transport and Planning]