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Case Study: Empowering Women in Transport through Mentorship Success

Tania Dunn, a dedicated Learning and Development Manager at Yarra Trams, participated as a mentor in the WiT Program in both 2022 and 2023.

Tania's mentee, Maddison, embarked on this journey with specific goals in mind: assertive communication, career planning, addressing strengths and weaknesses, and practical workplace improvements.

Tania initiated the mentoring partnership with an introductory email, outlining her professional background, experiences, and personal interests. She emphasised the importance of mentors taking the first step by sending this email within a day of being notified of the match. Maddison promptly responded, to introduce herself and shared her preferences and expectations for the mentorship.

Their first in-person meeting at the program launch helped them establish a deeper connection. Tania's guidance prioritised Maddison's objectives, managing expectations to ensure it wasn't solely about finding a new job but about Maddison's personal and professional development.

Tania encouraged Maddison to perform a SWOT analysis, enhancing her self-awareness. Maddison reflected on her strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, which aided her in setting career goals. Tania also shared insights on resume preparation, assertiveness, and LinkedIn optimisation. Career planning discussions led to Maddison's exploration of her leadership style, values, and long-term goals.

Throughout their journey, Tania provided resources for assertiveness training, time management, and job search strategies. They delved into interview preparation and salary negotiations to equip Maddison with essential skills for her future career.

The mentoring relationship remains ongoing, with plans for a final informal in-person meeting to confirm Maddison's readiness for job applications and ensure she has a solid career plan in place.

Tania's mentorship exemplifies the importance of active initiation, clear goal setting, and regular engagement. This case study serves as a valuable resource for new mentors, emphasising the significance of mentoring as a collaborative and growth-oriented experience.

Maddison Lewis, a Communications Graduate at Rail Projects Victoria, has shared her remarkable experience as a mentee in the Women in Transport mentoring program.