Case study: Gender equality maps for Darebin and Melton

We know that people of different genders experience public space in different ways. From the local pool to public transport - our community should be place where everyone feels equal and respected.

In October 2018, the Victorian State Government launched 2 pilot gender equality maps.

These maps showed these local government areas:

  • Darebin
  • Melton

The 4 month pilot period ran from November 2018 to February 2019.

We asked people to drop a pin and add a comment on locations where they had experienced gender equality or inequality. Examples included:

  • sexist advertising in public spaces
  • accessible change room facilities at sports grounds
  • access to child care

There were nearly 3,000 visitors to the maps over the 4 months it was open. This indicated a high level of interest in the project.

Now that the Gender Equality Map pilot is complete, we're gathering and assessing the results.

The aim of the pilot was to help government and local councils better understand where gender inequality occurs.

The Gender Equality Map was an action under the Victorian Government’s gender equality strategy, Safe and Strong. It was a joint project with CrowdSpot and Monash University XYX Lab.