Case study: Gender equality maps for Darebin and Melton

We know that people of different genders experience public space in different ways. From the local pool to public transport - our community should be place where everyone feels equal and respected.

We want to know about situations or places where you don’t feel like this. By using these maps, you can influence the services, programs and facilities that are delivered in your community. The experiences you share — positive or negative — will help inform future work for gender equality.

Your voice can help create a more equal and respectful community.

On a map, please identify:

  • Place spots — Public transport, community infrastructure, etc
  • Story spots — Your personal experience or something you witnessed

To add a new Spot to the map simply follow these steps:

  1. Click the big purple Add a Spot button.
  2. Drag the map to position the marker at your location.
  3. Complete the form that pops up and press submit.

Visit the City of Darebin map

Visit the City of Melton map

The Gender Equality Map is an early action from Safe and Strong: A Victorian Gender Equality Strategy.

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has partnered with CrowdSpot and XYX Lab at Monash University in developing the App.

As part of the project, DHHS has partnered with Darebin and Melton City Councils to pilot the App in those communities.

Reviewed 08 January 2019