Case study: Unlock Your Potential in Transport with WiT Mentoring: Javi's Journey to Empowerment

Javi Burke's journey with the Women in Transport (WiT) mentoring program began with a chance encounter at McConnell Dowell.

Introduction: The WiT program remained relatively unknown within her organisation. However, once she applied, Javi found herself in an ideal match with her mentor, Nishadee Liyanage, a Senior Diversity & Inclusion Adviser at DTP.

Mentoring Relationship: Javi aspired to work in the Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) space, and her mentor Nishadee Liyanage, a specialist in this field, was the perfect guide. Their meetings, initially set every two weeks, often extended due to their shared passion for learning. Javi's mentor played a pivotal role in her career development, guiding her through the D&I strategy at DTP, sharing her own experiences, and helping her understand the real-world application of D&I in her role.

Leadership and Confidence Building: Javi's mentor Nisha not only assisted her in identifying and developing career goals but has also amplified her understanding of her potential leadership capability. By providing space for self-reflection and celebrating achievements, imposter syndrome is no longer an obstacle. Javi now feels more secure and empowered.

Benefits and Industry Connections: The WiT program introduced Javi to a network of industry professionals. At the program's launch event, she connected with peers from the transport sector. This exposure, combined with the program's consistency, has significantly contributed to her success in the transport industry, fuelling her desire to pursue a career focused on D&I within the sector.

Program Achievements and Suggestions: In addition to the benefits mentioned, Javi feels more empowered, embraces her uniqueness, and has expanded her professional network. As for improvements, she suggests a need for more awareness within organisations about the program, especially at the management level. Reminding mentors of the resources available to maximise the program's benefits and helping mentees engage effectively with their senior leadership teams would be valuable.

Additionally, promoting the program’s ability to assist potential applicants who are experiencing low self-esteem and confidence challenges would be beneficial.

Javi's journey through the WiT mentoring program exemplifies how a strong mentorship relationship can empower mentees, boost their confidence, and prepare them for success in the transport industry, all while fostering personal and professional growth.

Javi Burke's journey with the Women in Transport (WiT) mentoring program began with a chance encounter at McConnell Dowell.