Collaborative Centre leads from lived experience

Friday, 24 February 2023 at 1:00 am
The members of the Victorian Collaborative Centre's Lived Experiences Advisory Panel (LEAP) together in person and on screen.

Championing lived experience expertise continues to take priority for the Victorian Collaborative Centre for Mental Health and Wellbeing, with the formation of a crucial committee.

The inaugural Lived Experiences Advisory Panel (LEAP) will be instrumental in guiding the Collaborative Centre’s establishment, providing strategic advice to the board, executive leadership, and establishment team for the coming 12 months.

The ten people with lived and living experience of mental illness, psychological distress and substance use or addiction, including consumers, family members, carers, and supporters selected from 64 impressive applicants are:

  • Caroline Lambert (Chair)
  • Emily Unity (Deputy Chair)
  • Georgia Barrand
  • Robyn Callaghan
  • Sam Hayward
  • Jacqueline Margaret Kirkman
  • Rohini Krishnapillai
  • Lyanne Morel
  • Puneet Sansanwal 
  • Benn Veenker

Members’ diverse backgrounds and range of lived and living experiences will be invaluable to the LEAP’s work, which will include advising on the:

  • development of a lived experience framework
  • development and implementation of a communications strategy, including branding and digital presence, and a stakeholder engagement strategy
  • development of a three-year strategic plan
  • development and publication of a research strategy
  • appointment of the Collaborative Centre’s Co-CEOs.

The composition of the LEAP was approved by the board following a rigorous selection process.

The LEAP is just one channel through which the Collaborative Centre is embedding lived experience expertise throughout its governance and operational structures.

The commitment to working in partnership with people with lived experience is also reflected in the inclusion of designated roles at all levels of the Collaborative Centre, including within executive leadership and the board.