How is community recovery supported?

Emergency management in Victoria positions local government as the lead agency responsible for recovery at the local level. In events where complexity and scale require regional or state coordination through Emergency Recovery Victoria (ERV), local government still plays a leading role at this local level, working collaboratively with partners and delivering community facing services.

Local governments and their partners, including potentially ERV, can support communities to develop their own recovery governance and planning processes, where these communities decide to undertake these activities. This may include the establishment of dedicated community recovery groups (CRGs), or the use of existing community groups to support the community’s recovery journey.

CRGs reflect the diversity of the community they represent. They have a broad range of potential roles. This includes giving a voice to the broad views and aspirations of the community, acting as a conduit between communities and local and state government, and identifying the community’s recovery priorities.

The specific role and optional forms of CRGs is dealt with in greater detail in section 4 of this toolkit. For more information on the Victorian structures that support emergency management and disaster recovery visit:

The Municipal Association of Victoria website

Emergency Management Victoria

and further information is also available on this website.