Guiding principles and values

Guiding principles

Our guiding principles describe how we will approach our work and the culture we will foster.

Hearts in, minds on – we bring our passion, knowledge and skills to improve outcomes.

Why it matters: Our people are passionate and knowledgeable, and we want to encourage every person to bring their whole self to work. When we put our ‘hearts in’ and ‘minds on’ it means we are authentic and make connections that are positive and impactful.

Our best work matters – we do high-quality work that matters to people’s lives.

Why it matters: Our efforts to do high-quality work mean we follow the steps to get it right, we involve the right people and we hold ourselves to the highest standards. This approach to delivering high-quality work directly leads to greater impact.

Be curious and work together – we listen, collaborate and value challenge and diversity.

Why it matters: Our inclusive and collaborative approach to working with our colleagues, partners and stakeholders brings in different perspectives and builds confidence. This is important for arriving at well-considered conclusions that are also well supported.

Seize the day – we are proactive, seek to solve problems and adapt to deliver.

Why it matters: Our commitment to be proactive, to solve problems and adapt is what helps us to deliver positive change. From marginal improvements all the way up to transformational reform, we seize the day and take the initiative to push our work forwards.

See the whole picture – we are guided by evidence and seek to understand the broader context.

Why it matters: Our perspectives and discussions are shaped by the evidence of what works and are informed by our broader understanding of the context and system at play. This ability to see the whole picture improves our work and our influence on achieving better outcomes.

Victorian Public Sector values

Our Victorian Public Sector (VPS) values describe the behaviour that the Victorian Government and community expect of us and are codified in the Public Administration Act 2004. These values ensure we are fair, objective and courteous in all our dealings.

The VPS values are:

  • Responsiveness
  • Integrity
  • Impartiality
  • Accountability
  • Respect
  • Leadership
  • Human Rights