Dianne Boddy Hon FIE Aust CPEng

For over 55 years, Mrs Dianne Boddy, a self-taught engineer, has had a passion for innovative design.

Honour Roll

In total, Dianne has created approximately 2000 successful designs, gaining an international reputation not only for state-of-the-art design of research equipment but for the ability to solve disparate engineering problems. Her designs have been used in industry sectors as diverse as canning, vehicle suspension, robotics, deep-sea oil drilling, mining, sheep shearing and geo-mechanic research equipment for the centrifuges installed throughout the world.

Dianne's first major invention, created in less than a week, was the development of a new automatic peachfeeding machine for canning. She went on to create a succession of worldfirsts and developed several complete processing plants. In 1967, Dianne became the Executive Engineer of the Goulburn Valley Canneries, where she modernised and expanded the plant's production facilities.

Dianne has 40 international patents for original mechanisms, machinery, processing and canning plants. Two of her designs have been the subject of television technology programs and another two were exhibited at a Technology Exhibition in Paris.

Dianne has held several senior management and board positions, and in 2010 she received the AGM Michell Medal from the College of Mechanical Engineers for her contributions to the field of mechanical engineering, and demonstration of a balance of ingenuity and a range of theoretical knowledge and application.