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Disability Inclusion – Inclusive education in practice

This page provides case studies of good practice in schools, which schools can refer to, to help build their own inclusive practices.

Disability Inclusion is ensuring every student at every ability thrives at school and in life 

Disability Inclusion is rolling out to Victorian government schools between 2021 and 2025. It involves:

  • a tiered funding model
  • a new Disability Inclusion Profile to determine student needs, and
  • initiatives to help build knowledge and skills in inclusive education in schools.

This page provides case studies of good practice in schools, which schools can refer to, to help build their own inclusive practices.

Disability Inclusion Profile

Tier 2 funding

Patterson River Secondary College

The leaders at Patterson River Secondary College talk about their planning for Disability Inclusion Tier 2 expenditure and how Tier 2 school-level funding is being used to improve inclusive practice at the school, including:

  • building staff capability
  • ensuring a culture of inclusion
  • implementing adjustments across classes
  • support across year levels from transition to pathways at senior secondary level.

Disability Inclusion - Tier 2 funded staff talk about how they are improving practice and student outcomes at Patterson River Secondary College: 

  • Inclusion Learning Specialist, Jen, a Department of Education scholarship recipient is using her knowledge from the Masters in Inclusive Education to advise teachers and education support staff on their practice.
  • Social Worker, Erika, supports students individually and in small groups, as well as providing professional development to teachers and support to families with queries about the NDIS/education interface.
  • Behaviour Intervention Specialist, Peter, a former maths teacher who assists teachers with classroom management and provides support to students.

Gisborne Primary School 

The Acting Principal and Disability Inclusion Learning Specialist at Gisborne Primary School explain how they have used Tier 2 funding to improve inclusive practices to cater for the needs of all students.

Yuille Park Community College

Yuille Park Community College’s Brett Shillito explains how the school has used their Tier 2 funding to tailor programs for their student needs and coach staff.

Sandringham Primary School

The school explains how they implemented adjustments in the classroom for a student with a hearing impairment.

Improving inclusive practices

Amaze has collaborated with other organisations to produce videos and resources to help families, schools and communities better understand inclusive education, and how inclusion benefits everyone. The resources include stories from families, students and teachers who have experienced and participated in inclusive education.

Amaze videos and resources

Graduate Certificate in Education (Learning Difficulties)

Staff tell their stories about what motivated them to apply for the Graduate Certificate in Education (Learning Difficulties) and how to put their learning into practice.

Narelle De Young – Greenvale Primary School

Maria Saric – Diverse Learners Hub

Learn more about the Program.

Master of Inclusive Education

Staff who have participated in the Master of Inclusive Education Program share their stories.

Learn more about the Program.

Find out more

For more information and to find out when your school transitions to Disability Inclusion, refer to the Disability Inclusion web page on the department's website.