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A teacher leads a group of school children in a read along activity

Diverse Learners Hub

Find information, tools and guidance to support students with diverse learning needs

What’s on this site?

This website provides information, tools and guidance on diverse learning, including:

  • understanding autism and how schools support autistic students
  • understanding the different types of learning difficulties
  • how learning difficulties can affect a child’s and young person’s learning
  • evidence-based resources, tools, and guidance on learning diversity
  • professional learning and teaching resources for school staff.

About the Diverse Learners Hub

The Diverse Learners Hub is a key initiative of Disability Inclusion(opens in a new window). It's also the flagship of the Autism Education Strategy.

The Victorian Government is investing nearly $1.6 billion through its Disability Inclusion reforms in government schools to provide extra support for children with disability.

This aligns with the government’s Education State vision for Victoria, creating great schools that are inclusive of every student who enters through the school gate.

The Hub will equip school leaders and teachers to meet the needs of 'diverse learners', with a focus on students with:

  • autism
  • attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • dyslexia and
  • dyscalculia.

The Hub is a centre of excellence that provides evidence-based advice, resources and guidance on meeting the learning and wellbeing needs and aspirations of diverse learners.

The Hub will engage with leading researchers to access and communicate evidence-based best practice research on learning diversity.

It will provide coaching and support to school leaders on whole-school changes. This will support, welcome and include diverse learners.

Supporting students with language difficulties

See how Roxburgh College supports all students to develop strong language skills, including those with language difficulties.

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Supporting students with maths learning difficulties

Read more about how Docklands Primary School supports students with maths learning difficulties.

Supporting students with learning difficulties

See how Bentleigh West Primary School uses evidence-informed best practice instruction to support students with learning difficulties. The best news is that all students benefit from these teaching practices.

Read more about how Bentleigh West Primary School supports its diverse learners, including students with learning difficulties. 

Supporting secondary students with learning difficulties

Learn more about how Mansfield Secondary College is supporting secondary students with learning difficulties.

Supporting diverse learners at primary school

Learn more about Case study - I CAN School Mentoring Program.

Supporting diverse learners at secondary school

See how Kurnai College has created a welcoming, supportive and inclusive culture to support all students to be the best learners they can be.

Read more about how Kurnai College supports its diverse learners.

Part 1: Supporting autistic students with transition

Read more about supporting autistic students with transition

Part 2: Supporting autistic students with transition, I CAN Schools program