Key considerations for cohorts

This section provides advice on specific cohort considerations in recruitment and selection processes

It is important to consider diversity from an intersectional perspective, and recognise that an individual may be part of more than one of the key cohorts listed in this document.

This can provide candidates with more varied lived experiences to inform a board and can also mean that they face additional and compounding barriers to participation.

Regardless of the composition of your board, a culture of inclusion and a genuine commitment to strengthening diversity is critical to supporting Victorians of all backgrounds.

An inclusive culture is equity focused and ensures:

  • all members are seen and treated as equals
  • people are respected and valued for their contribution
  • all opinions are actively sought, listened to and considered
  • members have the opportunity to learn from each other’s knowledge and experience
  • communication between members happens in a way that builds knowledge, understanding and mutual respect
  • participation is meaningful and influences change.