Our people

We are focused on maintaining an agile and high-performing workforce where our employees are empowered and engaged to deliver policy outcomes that meet the evolving needs of Victorians.

We attract, develop and retain talented and diverse people to achieve DPC’s objectives. We do this by filling skill and capability gaps and providing learning and development to deliver on DPC priorities. We enable the mobilisation of talent across DPC and more broadly the VPS to fill capability gaps, develop our people and retain our talent with a focus on succession planning across critical roles.

We foster a values-based culture based on respect, diversity, inclusivity, wellbeing and positive employee engagement. We do this by developing and supporting the growth of our leaders and encourage all our employees to demonstrate leadership and model flexible and agile ways of working.

DPC is committed to taking a holistic and inclusive approach to supporting mental health at work, promoting positive mental wellbeing, preventing mental injury and illness, and where mental injury and illness occurs, taking action to support recovery. Staff engage with mandatory mental health and wellbeing training and can access other bespoke programs throughout their employment.

DPC actively promotes diversity, inclusion and an equal opportunity workplace. We welcome applicants from all diverse backgrounds, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and people with disabilities. DPC is committed to holding equal representation of women in senior leadership positions and gender diversity within the workforce, including trans and gender diverse people, who may require specific approaches to ensure their inclusion and access to opportunity. Flexible working is the default position for all employees at DPC and we consider when, where and how we work so that we can meet our employment commitments and perform our jobs well for the Victorian community.

Workforce profile

We are managing our workforce profile and composition to ensure we have the optimum mix of talent at the right levels across DPC. This includes ensuring analysis of organisational needs against the available funding for policy, program and enabling areas.