Coaching support for returning early childhood professionals

Free coaching support will be available in Term 2, 2023, for early childhood teachers and educators returning to the sector.

A coach and early childhood professional sit together, having a friendly discussion

In Term 2, 2023, a free coaching service will be available for teachers and educators returning to or joining the Victorian early childhood workforce.

Gowrie Victoria will coordinate the coaching, which supports early childhood professionals returning to the sector following a period of extended leave, as well as those transitioning to the Victorian sector after working as a teacher or educator interstate or overseas.

The program will help returning teachers and educators familiarise themselves with relevant programs and frameworks, such as the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework. The program will also help participants access local networks and development opportunities.

Join the program

Gowrie Victoria is seeking expressions of interest from people keen to participate in the program starting in Term 2, 2023.

Gowrie Victoria will consider the specific needs of teachers and what support they are looking for. They will then determine which coaching package is most suitable and match all participants with a coach best placed to support them.

The service will be available to early childhood professionals across Victoria, including regional and rural areas. Sessions will be held face-to-face or online at times arranged by coaches and participants.

Find out more

For further information, refer to the Gowrie Victoria website.