Long day care guidance materials

Use this practical information on implementing funded kindergarten in Victoria to support access and participation.

Australian Childcare Alliance Victoria and Community Child Care Association have developed guidance materials to support funded kindergarten in Victoria.

The 2 sets of guidance materials provide practical information about policy and funding supports in place to support access and participation, particularly for children experiencing vulnerability and disadvantage.

Community Child Care Association resources

Community Child Care Association updated existing resources to provide further details for long day care providers, services and educators in supporting children in out-of-home care and in Early Start Kindergarten.

For more information, refer to:

Australian Childcare Alliance Victoria resources

Australian Childcare Alliance Victoria has also produced a series of guidance documents to support long day care providers as they apply for and maintain kindergarten funding.

The documents are designed to work alongside the Kindergarten Funding Guide.

Topics include:

  • Kindergarten funding: Why should I apply?
  • Kindergarten funding: How do I apply?
  • Kindergarten funding: What happens next?
  • Kindergarten funding: Early Start Kindergarten
  • Models: Delivering a 3-year-old program in long day care
  • Models: Delivering a 4-year-old program in long day care
  • Supporting families experiencing vulnerabilities: What services need to know.

Find out more

For further information, contact the Community Child Care Association or the Australian Childcare Alliance Victoria.

You can also contact the department by email: early.years.participation@education.vic.gov.au