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Information for employers - Portable Long Service Leave

A step-by-step guide for employers, explaining how to submit quarterly returns via the online portal.

Important information

New employer security measures

The Authority has introduced employer multi-factor authentication to better protect your information.

Registered employers have been sent an email outlining the authentication steps when logging into the portal.

As part of these security measures, it is also important to make sure your workers’ email address and mobile number are correct in your quarterly returns.

For more information employers can contact the Authority on 1800 517 158(opens in a new window) or email in a new window)


How portable long service works

The Portable Long Service Benefits Scheme allows workers in community services, contract cleaning and security to take their long service entitlement with them if they change jobs but stay in the industry.

From 1 July 2019, businesses with workers in community services, contract cleaning and security must register with the Portable Long Service Authority, which administers the Scheme. Community services providing children's services or activities funded by the NDIS are required to register from 1 January 2020.  

New businesses must register within 3 months of establishment.

Registered employers submit quarterly returns through the employer portal.

When a quarterly return is lodged, an invoice will be issued to the business to pay the employer levy. The levy must be paid within 14 days.

Who are employers for the Portable Long Service Benefits Scheme?

To check if you are a covered employer, please use your industry-specific screening tool:

Community services(opens in a new window)

Contract cleaning(opens in a new window)

Security(opens in a new window)

Community services employers are non-profit entities employing workers to perform community service work, or for-profit entities that employ workers to perform community service work for people with a disability.

Contract cleaning employers engage one or more workers to perform cleaning work for other people.

Security employers engage one or more workers to perform security activities for which they are licensed or registered under the Private Security Act 2004.

Employers do not need to register if they are:

  • local, state or federal government bodies
  • an entity that has a governing board appointed by a state or federal Act
  • another statutory body.

For more information about who and what is covered by the scheme, you can visit the relevant industry page for:

Community services

Contract cleaning


Benefits to employers

A major benefit for employers registered with the Portable Long Service Benefits Scheme is attracting and retaining staff in an ever-tightening labour market.

Workers are drawn to employers who exhibit care for staff well-being and their financial future.

Being registered with the Authority is seen by workers as an act of good will.
Registered employers develop a reputation among casual and contract workers as an employer of choice.

The cost of losing staff is an issue for all employers, considering the amount of time and money invested in training.

As the Scheme is compulsory across the three sectors there are no free riders and whether you are a long term or short-term employer you contribute equivalently and share the dividends of a highly productive workforce.

Discuss portable long service leave openly with your staff. Encourage them to plan for their future lump sum portable benefits payment after seven years in one of the three industries.

You can both share in the benefits it will bring.

To find out more contact the Authority by emailing in a new window) or calling 1800 517 158(opens in a new window).

What employers need to do

Frequently asked questions



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