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Additional resources for processing and responding to police referrals


Who is leading the change

  • Family Safety Victoria

Pending the establishment of the recommended Support and Safety Hubs, the Victorian Government provide additional resources to ensure that the costs of processing and responding to police referrals (L17 forms) received by women’s specialist family violence service L17 referral points are fully and discretely funded.

  • Increased funding has been provided to L17 recipient family violence agencies (including Safe Steps) to strengthen their response to Victoria Police referrals.

    Collaboration with key partners and service providers is being made to develop an approach to more discretely fund agencies to process and respond to L17s from 2017–18.

  • In September 2016, funding was allocated over 2 years to boost the support provided by specialist family violence case management and outreach services, including L17 recipient agencies. In September 2016, funding was also announced for the 24/7 crisis helpline Safe Steps, including for after-hours responses to L17s. This funding will increase the capacity of L17 recipient agencies to support victim survivors of family violence referred by Victoria Police. The 2017/18 State Budget provided additional funding to support the delivery of this recommendation.

    In January 2018, an additional funding allocation to agencies in the 12 non-Support and Safety Hub launch site areas to respond to the costs of processing L17 police referrals for victims of family violence. In the remaining 5 DHHS local areas, additional funding will be provided to L17 recipient agencies to deliver access and intake functions for victims of family violence as part of the establishment of Support and Safety Hubs.

    An additional 12 months of funding has been allocated to L17 recipient agencies in 2019-20.

  • Implemented.

Reviewed 17 May 2020

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