Develop additional accommodation options for adolescents who use violence at home

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Who is leading the change

  • Department of Health and Human Services

The Victorian Government develop additional crisis and longer term supported accommodation options for adolescents who use violence in the home. This should be combined with therapeutic support provided to end the young person’s use of violence in the family.

  • Continue to work with Kids Under Cover and Anglicare Victoria to support young people leaving Out of Home Care to live independently and have stable housing.  

    The Department of Health and Human Services is working with the housing sector, young people and the broader Victorian community to design and cost options that better meet the individual needs of young people and ensure they develop independence and resilience, and receive support to address their violent behaviours. 

    It is expected that work on designing and improving accommodation options for young people experiencing homelessness (as part of Recommendation 24), will also contribute to addressing the needs of young people who use violence in the home. 

    The Department of Health and Human Services will identify and analyse current demand for crisis and longer-term supported accommodation options for adolescents, including via police reports. Service providers will also be engaged to better understand where current service models do not meet the needs of this group of young people. 

  • Housing Outcomes and Pathways branch has funded Kids Under Cover to deliver the capital component of Village 21 and Anglicare Victoria for the support component over three years. The project is currently at the construction stage on land in Preston leased by Kids Under Cover from the City of Darebin and is expected to be ready for occupation in July 2020. Kids Under Cover's stake in this project is high and may be something they will replicate elsewhere in the state if successful. 

    Six young people will reside on the site for up to three years with a live-in mentor. Young people will live in modified Kids Under Cover studios and share some facilities such as a kitchen and leisure areas. 

    The Victorian Government has made several investments to help meet the high demand for young people experiencing homelessness. These investments include expanding the supply of youth refuges, a new $10.1 million program for young people leaving care and youth justice and the development of new youth homelessness facilities in the western suburbs. The youth refuge service model is being reviewed to better meet the needs of young people experiencing homelessness, including adolescents who use violence in the home. 

    The Department of Health and Human Services will also work with the Family Violence Housing Assistance Implementation Taskforce and other relevant stakeholders to identify gaps in the current service response to young people who use violence and identify opportunities for improvements to existing services. 

  • Forecast implementation date: 31 December 2020.

Reviewed 08 January 2021

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