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Funding for collaboration between specialist family violence and sexual assault services


Who is leading the change

  • Family Safety Victoria

The Victorian Government ensure funding of specialist family violence and sexual assault services to facilitate their collaboration by:

  • promoting and, if necessary, resourcing shared casework models
  • establishing secondary consultation pathways
  • participating in the recommended Support and Safety Hubs
  • developing guidelines and protocols for facilitating information sharing
  • participating in joint education and training
  • Our response to the Royal Commission into Family ViolenceExternal Link has supported greater collaboration and better coordination between family violence and sexual assault services across a number of areas of reform. Key areas of focus include:

    • identification of interdependencies and opportunities to strengthen collaboration through mapping and consultation with family violence and sexual assault services
    • implementation of the Family Violence Multi Agency Risk Assessment and Management (MARAM) Framework, considering the interrelated roles and responsibilities of sexual assault services
    • reform of the information sharing regime with sexual assault services as a prescribed organisation within the legislation
    • development of The Orange Door network with opportunities to build greater understanding about the occurrence of sexual assault in the context of family violence.
  • Work undertaken to support this recommendation has established a strong foundation for collaboration and alignment between specialist family violence and sexual assault services. A range of reforms will continue to strengthen and build on the foundational work done in response to this recommendation, including:

    • development of a 10-year whole of Victorian government strategy to prevent and address sexual violence, abuse and harm
    • development of training for specialist family violence workers that will improve their capacity to identify and respond to sexual violence
    • development of tools and resources to support shared approaches where family and sexual violence co-occur
    • strengthening the interface between sexual assault services and family violence services including The Orange Door network
    • strengthened shared risk assessment, information sharing and joint case work practice between family violence and sexual assault services.

    Sexual Assault Services VictoriaExternal Link and Safe and EqualExternal Link , as the peak bodies for specialist sexual assault and family violence services, will continue to work collaboratively to ensure that this focus is sustained over time.

  • Implemented.

Reviewed 27 January 2023

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