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Provide additional funding for specialist family violence support services


Who is leading the change

  • Family Safety Victoria

The Victorian Government provide additional funding for specialist family violence support services to deal with the current crisis in demand and to ensure that victims of family violence receive appropriate support.

  • Unprecedented funding has been provided to Victoria’s specialist family violence services to address their demand pressures. Since 2015–16, the 5 State Budgets have invested $2.9 billion in family violence support services and family violence reform.

    Annual outcomes have included:

    • In 2015–16: an allocation of $81.3 million which was delivered prior to the Royal Commission being finalised
    • In 2017–18: a record investment of $1.9 billion over 4 years, with money allocated across all major family violence initiatives
    • In 2018–19: a State Budget that included an additional $166 million over 4 years for initiatives that included flexible support packages, housing assistance for victim survivors, Aboriginal family violence responses and primary prevention activities
    • In 2019–20: a further $185.5 million over 4 years for perpetrator responses and initiatives to support Aboriginal Victorians, including implementation of the Dhelk Dja agreement as well as family violence refuge and crisis responses

    The Victorian Government will continue to support the specialist family violence sector to deliver services to victim survivors and responses to perpetrators.

  • Since the Royal Commission into Family Violence delivered its recommendation to provide additional funding for specialist family violence support services, the Victorian Government has worked to ensure victim survivors have timely access to the services they need to stay safe and recover from family violence.

    Additional funding has been provided to respond to demand for specialist family violence services including:

    Specialist family violence case management

    Case management services provide critical support to victim survivors in crisis, supporting them with immediate safety needs and helping them on a path to recovery.

    In September 2016 a funding boost of $45.6 million was provided over 2 years to specialist family violence case management services, more than doubling the capacity of these services.

    This funding has since been continued as ongoing funding to agencies supporting them to respond to demand on services.

    Refuge accommodation

    Refuge accommodation provides women and children with a safe and secure place to stay when escaping family violence. The redesigned refuge model addresses barriers victim survivors face when seeking crisis accommodation. Funding includes:

    • $70 million to upgrade existing refuges to a new ‘core and cluster’ service model, with 17 refuges being redeveloped across the state

    Aboriginal family violence programs

    The Victorian government is working in partnership with Aboriginal communities to develop better ways to address family violence. Funding includes:

    • $5 million for therapeutic interventions for Aboriginal communities
    • $2.7 million to support family violence prevention and early intervention projects
    • provision for the launch of Dhelk Dja – an Aboriginal community-led agreement to address family violence

    The Orange Door

    The Orange Door gives women and children access to support services in one secure facility when they are experiencing family violence. More than 50,000 Victorians have already received support via The Orange Door. Funding includes:

    • $448 million to build 17 Orange Doors across Victoria, with 5 already in operation and 12 more to be running by 2022

    Therapeutic responses

    The Victorian Government has implemented new ways to provide intensive therapeutic support to women, children and their families experiencing family violence. Funding includes:

    • $23 million for pilot programs to trial new types of therapeutic interventions
    • $16 million to 13 mainstream organisations to deliver therapeutic intervention programs

    Perpetrator interventions

    The Victorian Government is helping to protect families by keeping perpetrators of family violence accountable and in plain sight. Funding includes:

    • $9.1 million for Men’s Behaviour Change Programs
    • $2.3 million for men’s intake and referral services
    • $7.4 million for perpetrator case management
    • $1.8 million to trial perpetrator intervention programs designed for diverse cohorts

    Personal safety responses for victim survivors

    Additional funding for personal safety responses allows family violence support services to deliver personalised and holistic responses that assist victim survivors to access support, move out of crisis, stabilise and improve their safety, wellbeing and independence into recovery. Funding includes:

    • $64 million for flexible support packages, which has also included $17 million for the statewide expansion of the Personal Safety Initiative
    • allocation for the Personal Safety Initiative that provides victim survivors with personal safety responses including CCTV, personal alarms, locks, and security doors
    • $1.2 million to support the introduction of 3 additional Aboriginal organisations as flexible support package providers
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Reviewed 17 May 2020

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