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Review and update the minimum standards for men's behaviour change programs


Who is leading the change

  • Family Safety Victoria

The Victorian Government, in consultation with No To Violence:

  • review and update the Men’s Behaviour Change Programs Minimum Standards to reflect research findings, national and international best practice, and the central importance of partner contact work
  • develop a compliance framework, incorporating an accreditation process, for providers of men’s behaviour change programs
  • The Victorian Government updated the Men's Behaviour Change Minimum Standards in 2018 following a review by Monash University in consultation with the specialist sector.

    To support program providers to deliver against the revised standards Family Safety Victoria funded No to Violence to develop practice guidance and to undertake statewide workshops with the sector.

  • The review of the Minimum Standards is complete. The revised Men’s Behaviour Change Minimum Standards, developed in consultation with No to Violence and Domestic Violence Victoria, include:

    • increasing behaviour change program duration from 12 to 20 weeks
    • additional support for victim survivors and their families through an enhanced family safety contact function
    • ensuring all family violence workers are able to share vital information with partner community services, such as specialist victims agencies
    • greater coordination with the broader community services sector

    In 2018 the Department of Health and Human Service introduced the Community Services Quality Governance Framework for all services delivered, funded by the department including family violence services. This framework provides organisations with a framework to support good governance delivery of high-quality services including the delivery of men’s behaviour change programs.

    To support their introduction in 2018-19, funding was allocated for men’s behaviour change program places. The 2019/20 State Budget has allocated ongoing funding of $55.7 million over 4 years and $15.7 million ongoing funding for men’s behaviour change programs. This investment will deliver more than 4,000 community places statewide per annum.

    No to Violence has been funded to support men’s behaviour change program providers to transition to the new standards.

  • Implemented.

Reviewed 17 May 2020

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