Sufficient funding for men's behaviour change programs to meet new demand

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Who is leading the change

  • Family Safety Victoria

The Victorian Government ensure that, pending the implementation of an expanded range of perpetrator interventions, funding for men’s behaviour change programs is sufficient to meet demand from those required to attend under a counselling order issued under Part 5 of the Family Violence Protection Act 2008 (Vic) and those who volunteer to attend such programs.

  • Family Safety Victoria (FSV) is working with government partners to strengthen perpetrator accountability and develop a range of perpetrator interventions Perpetrator specific practice tools, guidance, training and embedding strategies are being developed as part of the Family Violence Multi-Agency Risk Assessment and Management Framework (MARAM). These tools are critical for improving perpetrator accountability, by supporting improved practice across the system for working safely with perpetrators in order to improve the safety of victim survivors, including children.

    The Victorian Government is also working with No To Violence to boost workforce capacity and develop a longer term perpetrator workforce strategy.

  • We are building a system-wide approach to keeping perpetrators accountable, connected and responsible for their violence. Our ‘Web of Accountability’ includes reform activities under three themes:

    Enhanced service responses

    • Learning from responses to COVID-19
    • Strengthening justice and legal responses
    • Delivering effective and responsive interventions

    Cultural Safety and Inclusion

    • Improving Aboriginal cultural safety.
    • Supporting inclusive and equitable practice.


    • Data and evidence.
    • Workforce capacity, capability and practice.
    • Information sharing and risk coordination.

    In September 2016, $5.3 million was allocated to support access to more places in Men’s Behaviour Change Programs (MBCP).

    A series of allocations across 2017–18 provided an additional $71 million to fund men’s intake services, to address demand for MBCPs, to support providers to deliver an enhanced MBCP model, and to further support the delivery of this recommendation from 2017–18 over the following 4 years.

    The 2019-20 State Budget has allocated ongoing funding to increase community places for MBCPs and to support the delivery of perpetrator programs for people who use violence from diverse communities. Additional funding has been allocated for MBCP facilitator training.

    Further, $40.1 million will be provided to fund court-ordered MBCP places from 2019-20 through to 2024-25.

    No To Violence and MBCP providers are being engaged to expand the workforce and to develop a long-term workforce strategy. Thirty places have been funded in the revised Male Family Violence Graduate Certificate with a view to developing additional senior MBCP facilitators.

    This investment complements funding provided to No To Violence to deliver a 4-day short course to train approximately 194 entry-level MBCP facilitators. This strategy will enable the sector to respond to the workforce challenges in a sustainable way and ensure additional sector capacity to deliver on the current and expanded range of perpetrator interventions.

  • Forecast implementation date: 31 December 2021.

Reviewed 06 January 2021

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