Support service providers to develop a broader range of supported accommodation options for young people

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Who is leading the change

  • Department of Health and Human Services

The Victorian Government support and fund youth homelessness and other youth services providers in developing and implementing a broader range of supported accommodation options for young people experiencing family violence.

  • The Family Violence Housing Assistance Implementation Taskforce and other stakeholders are being engaged to identify gaps in our current response to young people experiencing homelessness. The potential for more innovative service solutions is also being explored.  

    Progress of the Unison Wyndham youth foyer which will provide 2 years support and accommodation to young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. This will provide a stable and safe place for young people to address their primary support needs and focus on long terms goals. Support to young people is being provided with the utilisation of other properties such as transitional housing and private rental. 

  • As part of the $25 million Accommodation for the Homeless Initiative, the Victorian Government has funded the development of two new youth refuges. This will help meet the high demand for young people experiencing homelessness. Project has been delayed due to planning and design issues and obtaining council permits. Project was due for completion December 2020 however the adjusted until May 2021. 

    Along with the funding allocated to Unison for the capital project, Melbourne City Mission is providing support to young people with a focus on employment and education, case management and housing support to young people in the western suburbs. 

    The youth foyer in Wyndham: 

    • construction of 8 units as part of the H3 Wyndham Alliance – construction commenced around May 2020 with an anticipated delivery date of May 2021. 
    • Original funding allocation: $7.9 million to deliver 20 units of accommodation overall.  Funding allocated for the construction of 8 units is $3.84 million which includes saving of $144,349 from the purchase of additional 12 units in 2017/18 as the first phase of this project. 
  • Forecast implementation date: 31 December 2020.

Reviewed 08 January 2021

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