Official apologies for forced adoption

In recent years, both the Commonwealth and Victorian governments have issued official apologies for their involvement in these practices, recognising the profound harm and trauma inflicted upon families and individuals.

These apologies serve as a powerful acknowledgement of the past, and a commitment to support those affected and address the ongoing effects of forced adoption practices.

Through a consideration of these apologies, it is possible to gain insight into the ways in which historical injustices can be acknowledged and addressed, and to contemplate the importance of ensuring that such events are never repeated.

Government Apologies

Responsible Organisation Apologies

Forced adoption practices in Victoria caused immeasurable harm to families and individuals, as children were taken from their biological parents and placed with new families.

Many organisations were involved in these practices, either directly or indirectly. Today, several of these organizations have issued formal apologies for their involvement, acknowledging the pain and trauma caused by these practices and expressing regret for their part in them. This webpage serves as a repository for these apologies, offering a testament to the ongoing efforts to address the harm caused by forced adoption practices and to support affected families and individuals.

Through these apologies, we can begin to heal the wounds of the past and work towards a brighter future for all those affected by these practices.