Forced adoption resources and training

Support services and advocacy groups

Indigenous Support Services

  • Connecting Home(opens in a new window) - A service for the Stolen Generations, which supports and addresses the needs of people affected by practices and policies of removing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples from family, community, country and culture.
  • Link-Up Victoria(opens in a new window) - A service that supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples searching for family. If you or the family member you are searching for are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent, and you or your family member were adopted, fostered or placed in an institution, contact Link-Up Victoria and chat to them about how they can assist you. This is a free service.

How to access adoption records

Find information at Apply for adoption information.

Discharge of adoption

A person may apply to the County Court of Victoria to undo the legal effect of an adoption order. This is known as ‘discharge of adoption'.

If the Court makes an order to discharge an adoption:

  • the adoption ceases to exist
  • the person is no longer an adopted person or legally connected to the family that adopted them.

They become legally reconnected to their birth family. Learn more at discharge of adoption.

Searching for natural family

Sometimes people affected by adoption seek the original birth certificate and adoption records. These documents may help them locate family from whom they have been separated by the adoption.

Learn more about searching for family.

Birth certificates

When an Adoption Order is made, a new birth certificate is issued. This is the post adoption birth certificate. It shows the adoptive parents as the parents of the child. It becomes the child’s legal birth certificate.

Adopted people have the same access to their legal birth certificates as non-adopted people. If you were adopted in Victoria, you can apply for your legal, post-adoption birth certificate through the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria.

Adopted people and natural parents can also apply for the child’s original birth certificate. Learn more about applying for an original birth certificate.

Adopted people can also apply for an integrated birth certificate, which includes information about their natural parents (where available) and their adoptive parents.

Find a psychologist

Find a psychologist who has listed ‘adoption’ as an area of practice through the Australian Psychological Society.

Aged Care providers with specialist care

The Australian Government is rolling out training for aged care providers to specialise in Forced Adoption. Search for providers who specialise in forced adoption.

Training resources for professionals and community service organisations