Process steps

Making a complaint

  1. A complaint must be in writing and may be in the form marked Appendix 1 to this Guideline.
  2. Complaints regarding the conduct of an Honorary Justice are to be addressed to:

The Manager
Honorary Justice Services Support
GPO Box 4356
Melbourne VIC 3001

or by email to

Complaint management

  1. Honorary Justice Service Support of the Department of Justice and Community Safety will be responsible for the managing of complaints against Honorary Justices.
  2. Honorary Justice Services Support will acknowledge a complaint in writing within 10 working days of receipt.
  3. Subject to decisions regarding requests for non-disclosure of complainant details, the Honorary Justice will be informed of the details of the complaint.
  4. The department will make a preliminary determination as to whether the allegation constitutes a valid complaint, whether the department is the appropriate body to receive the complaint, whether the complaint relates to any of the grounds for removal or suspension under the Act (or revocation of the BJ (Retired) or JP (Retired) title) or whether the complaint can be resolved informally.
  5. If the matter is deemed not to be a complaint the department will advise the complainant of the decision.