Jill Joslyn

I believe I can achieve anything if I really want it to happen. I believe there is something loveable in every person.

Local Champion

Jill, who initially trained as a nurse, has worked tirelessly in her community, as a local business woman and as a community services professional, assisting and linking at-risk young people and their families with support networks. These networks have provided young people with inspiration and other resources to build their coping skills and resilience.

Jill has also raised awareness of the serious issue of youth suicide in rural and remote areas. Through her participation on a myriad of boards, Jill has been instrumental in linking services and lobbying organisations, government, schools and community to support and provide programs, activities and education to improve young people's mental health and wellbeing.

Jill is the past Deputy Chair of the Regional Youth Affairs Network and Chair of the Northern Mallee Primary Care Partnership Health Promotion Committee which develops, implements and funds collaborative strategies and operational services for local health and wellbeing. She is a member of the Northern Mallee Local Learning Employment Network, the Mental Health and Child Maltreatment group and the Sunraysia Residential Services Board.