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Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria, and Australia’s second-largest city. It includes the central city as well as Melbourne’s innermost suburbs, each with their own distinctive character, including different businesses, facilities, open spaces, dwellings and communities. It is the seat of the Victorian Government and the home of many local, national and international companies, peak bodies, and government and non-government agencies.

The population is made up of people of all ages and from many different cultures. Residents include young professionals, international students and older couples. More than 900,000 visitors also seek out the cultural, business, education, work and lifestyle opportunities the city offers each day.


Carlton, Carlton North, Docklands, East Melbourne, Flemington, Hotham Hill, Kensington, Melbourne, Melbourne West, North Melbourne, Parkville, Port Melbourne, South Yarra and Southbank.

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  • Leadership Team - Cr Sally Capp - Lord Mayor
  • Leadership Team - Cr Nicholas Reece - Deputy Lord Mayor
  • Unsubdivided - Cr Rohan Leppert
  • Unsubdivided - Cr Kevin Louey
  • Unsubdivided - Cr Olivia Ball
  • Unsubdivided - Cr Roshena Campbell
  • Unsubdivided - Cr Jason Chang
  • Unsubdivided - Cr Philip Le Liu
  • Unsubdivided - Cr Jamal Hakim
  • Unsubdivided - Cr Elizabeth Doidge
  • Unsubdivided - Cr Davydd Griffiths

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