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Melton's economy and settlement provide a contrast between the large centre of Melton and its substantial rural hinterland. More recently, suburbs such as Hillside and Caroline Springs have emerged as major growth areas in the east of the municipality.

Industries include structural metal product manufacturing, motor vehicle services, building completion services, electrical equipment, appliance manufacturing, general manufacturing, distribution, transport and logistics, equine industries and agribusiness.

Melton Shire Council was re-constituted as a City Council on 6 September 2012.


Brookfield, Burnside, Burnside Heights, Caroline Springs, Diggers Rest, Exford, Eynesbury, Hillside, Kurunjang, Melton, Melton South, Melton West, Mount Cottrell, Parwan, Plumpton, Ravenhall, Rockbank, Taylors Hill, Toolern Vale and Truganina.

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  • Cambridge - Cr Kathy Majdlik
  • Cambridge - Cr Steven Abboushi
  • Cambridge - Cr Goran Kesic
  • Coburn - Cr Sophie Ramsey
  • Coburn - Cr Bob Turner
  • Coburn - Cr Julie Shannon - Deputy Mayor
  • Coburn - Cr Ashleigh Vandenberg
  • Watts - Cr Lara Carli - Mayor
  • Watts - Cr Moira Deeming

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