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Wangaratta is a manufacturing and commercial centre in north-east Victoria.

The rural city's traditional strengths of clothing and textile production has been supplemented in recent years by the manufacturing of wine and wood products.

Wangaratta is the municipality's largest urban centre, with approximately 18,000 residents. The region prides itself on its wineries, gourmet food, spectacular scenery, historic legends, cultural heritage and access to numerous State and National Parks.

The outdoors are also a focus for popular leisure activities in the region.


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  • City - Cr Ashlee Fitzpatrick
  • City - Cr Jack Henry
  • City - Cr Dave Fuller
  • City - Cr Dean Rees - Mayor
  • North - Cr Harvey Benton
  • South - Cr Harry Bussell - Deputy Mayor
  • Warby - Cr Irene Grant

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