Victorian Government - Staying apart keeps us together video

00:00 hello Victoria while some restrictions

00:02 have eased limiting our movement every

00:05 day means we slow the spread of the

00:07 virus if we keep working from home and

00:09 limit the number of us moving around we

00:11 can keep kicking the footy in the park if we

00:13 use common sense and keeping our

00:14 distance we can visit cafes and if we

00:16 only see those we need to we keep our

00:18 friends and family safe

00:20 oh yeah we all have a part to play

00:23 it's up to all of us to make this work

00:25 visit / coronavirus

00:27 authorised by the Victorian Government

00:28 Melbourne

Reviewed 05 June 2020