Overview of the Victorian Pathways Certificate - VPC

[A split screen with a blond haired and dark-haired student. On-screen text: Overview of the Victorian Pathways Certificate – VPC.]

The Victorian Pathways Certificate, the VPC, is a new option if you aren't ready or able to complete the VCE or the VCE Vocational Major.

[In a carpentry setting, a young woman puts on hearing protection. A young man wearing a hard hat looks at plans. On-screen text: VPC.]

It's a flexible and tailored certificate at Years 11 and 12 that offers additional support to develop the skills you need to help you succeed in life.

[Students play basketball. A graphic of hands underneath a person appears. A young man walks through a factory. A young woman looks at a circuit board. In a commercial kitchen, an apprentice takes a tray of pies from an oven.]

The VPC can help you move into a senior secondary qualification, an entry level VET program, or straight into a job.

[Symbols of a VPC certificate, with arrows to a medal with a star, computer screen with a mortar board, and man with a hard hat. Symbols 12 units in a circle with lines to documents, a calculator, a spanner and pencil, and a 3-star award.]

You'll complete at least 12 units including core units across Literacy, Numeracy, Work Related Skills, and Personal Development Skills to gain your VPC.

You can also add units from the VCE, the VCE Vocational Major, or VET as well as structured workplace learning recognition for on-the-job training or work placements.

[Outside, a young woman looks at a plant's root system. An apprentice mechanic uses a spanner on an engine. An apprentice construction worker in a hard hat and wearing a toolbelt walks onto a building site. In a hospital, a young person in scrubs pushes an older man in a wheelchair.]

Talk to your teacher or Careers Practitioner if you think this may be the right option for you.

[A young woman draws in a notebook. On-screen text: Choose your pathway, vic.gov.au/oneVCE.]

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