Safe Steps Candlelight Vigil 2023 round up


[On-screen text: This Vigil honours the lives and memories of those whose lives have been taken as a direct result of family or domestic violence.]

[On screen text: On this night, we would like to especially acknowledge Monique Denahy, Joy Rowley and Katie Haley whose loved ones have bravely shared their memories and hopes for a future without violence.]

[On-screen text: Safe Steps Candlelight Vigil]

[Vision of Melbourne with buildings illuminated purple]

[On-screen text: Safe Steps Family Violence Response Centre acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land on which our Candlelight Vigil was held, the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation and pay our respects to Elders past and present.]

Farah Mak: Around Melbourne tonight and in regions across Victoria and Australia buildings and landmarks are lighting up in shades of purple illuminated in the memory of lives taken by family and domestic violence.

[On-screen text: Survivor advocate Safe Steps, Farah Mak]

Farah Mak: Tonight, we gather to light candles to remember the too many lives lost in this national tragedy, this national crisis.

Kymm McNamara: No one should have their life stolen from them at the hand of violence.

[On-screen text: Survivor advocate Safe Steps, Kymm McNamara]

Kymm McNamara: Everyone deserves freedom. Monique, we remember and honour you.

[Vision of Melbourne with buildings illuminated purple]

Renee Woolridge: The life I'm honouring is my beautiful mum, Joy.

[On-screen text: Advocate Renee Woolridge]

Renee Woolridge: Last time I heard my mum’s voice was on the phone wishing me happy birthday to make plans which never happened.

[Vision of Melbourne with buildings illuminated purple]

Boyd Unwin: Katie Haley we remember you. We remember a mother, a sister, a granddaughter and our daughter. Tonight we honour all those taken by domestic and family violence.

[On-screen text: Advocate VSAC, Boyd Unwin]

Boyd Unwin: We remember them not as statistics, but as real people that are loved and missed.

[Vision of Melbourne with buildings illuminated purple]

Bianca Unwin: If love is one of the strongest emotions we can feel, then grief would almost certainly be seated alongside it – 

[On-screen text: Advocate, Bianca Unwin]

Bianca Unwin: - for you cannot have grief without love. We all love and miss Katie immensely. Our lives will never be the same.

[Vision of Melbourne with buildings illuminated purple]

Katie Alexander: Women who have died by family violence are with us tonight.

[On-screen text: Survivor Advocate Safe Steps, Katie Alexander]

Katie Alexander: This tree of light is a tribute to all women who have died through family violence and to all who miss them. Memories of them are rooted in our hearts and stories about them continue to grow like branches of a tree reaching out into the world.

[Vision of Melbourne with buildings illuminated purple]

[On-screen text: I miss her hugs and kisses so much, her cute smile and funny laugh, and I miss that she doesn’t get to spend my birthday with me or see me go to school. I miss my mummy every day. – Indie]

[On-screen text: I felt heartbroken when I got the news. The first thing I thought about was the good memories I had with her. I miss the memories and the fun we had. – Aiden]

[On-screen text: Mum. We miss you every day. We wish you could have met your grandson. We love you so much and we will never stop looking for you.]

[On-screen text: Lizzie. A beautiful soul taken. Thank you for watching over us.]

[On-screen text: In loving memory of my beautiful daughter Rekiah. We love you.]

[Vision of Melbourne with buildings illuminated purple]

Farah Mak: You needn't be afraid of the dark or of lightning or thunderstorms.

[On-screen text: Vicki. I miss you every single day.]

Farah Mak: One day you will play in the rain and the terrors of the night will all be banished by my love. Feel me watching over you.

[On-screen text: Candlelight Vigil. Safe Steps. Family Violence Response Centre.]

[Vision of building illuminated purple and bagpiper.]

[On-screen text: Thankyou to the following businesses and councils for helping us to shine a light on family violence. 101 Collins, ACMI, Brookfield Properties, City of Melbourne, Coady Green, Linda Kouvaras and Linda Barcan, Crown Resorts, Development Victoria, Dexus, Fed Square Pty Ltd, Fire Rescue Victoria, JLL, Lendlease, Manchester Unity Building, MCG, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne Olympic Parks, Melbourne Recital Centre, Myer, O’Brien Electrical Camberwell, Old Treasury Building, Psych Assistant, Rialto, RMIT University, Royal Exhibition Building, Royal Women’s Hospital, Securitas Australia, State Government of Victoria, Transurban, Victoria Police.]

[On-screen text: Our 24-hour family violence crisis line 1800 015 188. Web chat: Safety. Support. Respect. Safe Steps Family Violence Response Centre.]

[On-screen text: Blueprint studios. ©]

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