Kinder Kits ⁠– Wild Dough

Mel Haque:

My name is Mel, and I'm the creator and Chief Wild One at Wild Dough.

I firstly created Wild Dough for my daughter, who was two and a half at the time. She constantly needed me to come and help her play with the play dough that we could buy. It wasn't soft enough for her little hands and it kept drying out, so I started making my own play dough that was really soft and it lasted for ages.

I decided to start a business from it because I felt so passionate about sharing it to try and help other families out like me. And we have a lot of those customers, but also we have so many teachers and educators who really have rallied around Wild Dough.

It's such a wonderful developmental tool for young children. Things like actually working those little finger muscles as they're rolling and manipulating it. It is fun learning. They don't even know they're learning while they're doing it.

To be chosen to be part of the Kinder Kits has been so exciting. We know our product is great, but so many other people on a panel have also decided it was as well.

The big contract means that we've been able to support so many people through our staff that actually had lost work during the pandemic as well.

Wild Dough very much is Melbourne powered, every jar and every bag is made right here at home. All of our ingredients come from Australia, and all of our packaging is manufactured right here as well. So we love that we are supporting local all the time, and I love actually bringing such a fun product to other families.

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