Kinder Kits ⁠– Meet Josette Nunn

Josette Nunn:

When you open that little box, you can just see children's eyes just start to light up. That's what I love about it.

I'm Josette Nunn, and I'm a kindergarten teacher and I've been teaching three and four-year-olds across Victoria for 44 years.

It was a real privilege to help put these Kinder Kits together. There was 150 things to choose from. What I and other the panel members did was that she went through every item and made a shortlist of what I thought was suitable from the eyes of a Kinder teacher.

Going through that 150 was quite a rigorous process. I looked at whether they were Victorian and whether they came from recycled products or materials, and how durable these materials would be for children to use. But I think the biggest choice was what you could actually do with them.

They're not just one-way activities. They are very open-ended and can be anything they want them to be in their own imaginative worlds.

The kits were designed to bridge the gap between home and Kinder. These are things that parents could do with them: drawing, building – they’re universal activities so anybody could use it with the kits. You're building some dispositions for life. You've got curiosity. You've got problem-solving, you’ve got co-operation, you've got collaboration.

If you can open up that avenue where children's potential lies, that learning goes for life.

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