Connecting Victoria milestone video

Connecting Victoria is about making Victoria the most connected state. 

We’re giving Victorians more opportunities to connect, with each other and the rest of the world: whether it’s for telehealth, trading as a business, or just trading hot takes on Friday Footy. 

Together with our telecommunications partners, we’re getting you connected faster and in more places. By twenty twenty six we’ll have delivered more than fourteen hundred projects across the state. 

In just the first twelve months, we’ve helped Victorians across more than two hundred and sixty thousand square kilometres get better mobile coverage. 

We’ve brought twenty-seven towers into the future by upgrading them to 5G, so Victorians in almost forty thousand premises can get up to speed with what matters most to them.  

A hundred more mobile projects are underway, with planning approval in place and building to start soon. 

We’ve installed fibre in eighteen new locations, giving more than thirteen thousand Victorian households faster internet access for work or study, or just smoother streaming of the content they love.  

More businesses can now focus on building stronger connections with their customers, with access to upgraded internet services through thirty-one new business fibre zones. 

So, whether it’s running your business remotely, video calling your Nan or livestreaming your life-changing lasagne recipe, we’re improving safety, linking loved ones, and boosting local economies.  

We’re Connecting Victoria.