Nossal High School Tour

Student 1: When I walk through the door at Nossal, it's really grand, especially when I walk in through the main door. There's like, kind of like a portrait of Sir Gus Nossal, you know, he's a famous immunologist. It kind of elevates me, makes me feel like I can do better, especially knowing that the school's named after someone that has achieved such high results in their field of study.

Student 2: Being pushed is something you can expect at this school but it's not always about being pushed academically. Contrary to popular belief, it's not always about like how good you are at maths or English. Nossal has such a strong focus on extracurricular activities, so we have a very, very strong debating program. There's also a huge focus on inter-school sport. We offer almost every inter-school sport and we do really well. Like we won state championships, we've done all of that, so it's definitely not just about academic potential and also prepares you to be a well-rounded individual.

Student 3: There are a lot of opportunities. I didn't think that the sporting part of the school or the musical part of the school would be this big but after coming here, I feel like there are a lot of people that I can play sports with, so that's really good. Everyone's well-rounded and it's more of a all-rounder type of school.

Student 4: I would describe Nossal as a very rich, multicultural, adult learning environment where everyone's very welcoming and supportive of one another. And rather than being competitive as many believe, it instead drives us to actually encourage each other to improve ourselves and do better.

Student 1: There's a lot of trust given to us by the teachers. It's kind of like university junior. It's very similar to university, but obviously, you still have teachers that would support you and kind of monitor you but not in an extremely strict sense.

Student 5: Because everyone is more advanced in their studies and more willing to commit with their academics, I think just having this open environment to ask questions, to not feel judged is really important. The communication between the students and the teachers, the welcoming environment, it just feels like you're accepted and that's what I really enjoy, coming to Nossal.

Student 2: I think about my future career pathway. After joining Nossal, I feel like it's opened a lot of opportunity to understand and explore different fields. It caters for students with interests in maths, science, humanities. Joining the school, I was really inclined towards a career in medicine. However, the legal studies program at Nossal was really inspiring for me to take up and that's opened up a pathway to me looking into the law field. And in terms of work experience opportunities, I've had the privilege to do work experience at very prestigious research facilities. Having a careers program like Nossal where you're exposed to so much variety of fields is very helpful to shape you as an individual.

Student 4: Some new opportunities that have been open to me since attending this school is stepping out of my comfort zone and taking the initiative to apply for different programs and scholarship programs such as Melbourne Scholars program and the Monash Scholars program. I think being at a school that focuses on an adult learning environment has eased some of my anxiety about entering uni, but they've also encouraged me to approach, like these programs to better help me and prepare me and I think it's really, really, really benefited me in preparing myself for pathways in the future.

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