Create a new page and add content

Once you've logged into the system, you'll the Single Digital Presence welcome screen.

The next thing you'll need to do is click on manage. This is where you'll find the Content tab. Once you click on the Content tab, you'll see a list of the latest pages that have been created for the Victorian Government website or a semi-independent website.

You'll need to click on Add content. Here you'll have a number of options. But if we're just creating a standard content page, you'll need to select the Landing Page template, there is another page template, but this is a simple template which is limited in what you can add to it. 

So once you click on Landing Page, you'll need to add a title for your page, a Summary for your page. This Summary is picked up by Google or any other website search engine. So it's important to keep this short, no longer than say 165 characters, and ensure some keywords have been included. So include words that users are using to find your content.

The next thing you'll need to do is select a Site-section navigation for your content. So this content is going to appear within the Family Violence Reform content section, which is already been set up by our website administrator.

This content falls under the Health topic. Then you'll need to select the location for this page, so it is the Vic Gov website, within the Family Violence Reform navigation and the Primary site which is the Victorian Government, then click Save.

So once you've created your page, it's a great idea to save it and then go back in, and head over to the Body content tab. So this is where you'll add the content for your page. You can select different components for the component type drop-down list, but for basic content, you'll just need to select Basic text and then add component.

Here you'll be able to add past in some text. It's a good idea to clean up your text if it's coming in from Word using Notepad, or selecting Control Shift V as I have done here. Once your content has been entered, the WYSIWYG will allow you to style your content with headings, hyperlinks, email addresses, etc.

So what we're going to here is add in a heading 2 for Who is the Orange Door for. We're going to add in some bullet points here and another heading 2 for who works at The Orange Door. Some more bullet points for this content. So I think our page is looking pretty good. So now we can click Save. If you'd like to take a look at a preview version of your page, click on the preview link and add in your username and password and you'll see an unpublished version of your page within the front end design. 


Reviewed 15 November 2019