What did we find?

Detailed findings from the NDIS workforce longitudinal research study in 2018.

The disability workforce are passionate about their work and their clients, and support the mission and potential of the NDIS.

However, it is a huge change for workers.

Those working under the NDIS are often finding that it is impacting many aspects of their work, while those yet to transition are often anxious and concerned about what it will mean for them. The workforce needs quality information and training to support them through this change.

This experience can be summarised into the following three opportunities and four challenges:

Opportunity: Workers are passionate about their clients.

Opportunity: There is support for the NDIS’s mission.

Opportunity: The NDIS has the potential to increase innovation and create new opportunities for workers.

Challenge: There is anxiety and uncertainty about the NDIS.

Challenge: Workers lack the information they need about the NDIS.

Challenge: Workers are concerned about the NDIS’s impact on job security and job quality.

Challenge: Workers see the NDIS as reducing time and funding for the things that matter.

Importantly, the NDIS is experienced differently by different kinds of workers in different parts of Victoria.